Joining Hang Lung means becoming a part of one of the region’s most prestigious and prodigious real estate developers. Our vibrant teams design, construct, and manage a comprehensive selection of landmark commercial complexes in prime areas of key cities. To be one of us, you must see things on a world-class scale and be ready to contribute your energy, vision and talents.  Hang Lung offers various challenging yet wonderful opportunities for our staff, ensuring they can grow together with us!  

We care for our people, whom we consider to be our most precious asset. We pride ourselves in people-focused policies that bring out the best in our staff by providing the most suitable workplace and resources for them.  Hang Lung values commitment and excellence across all levels of the organization and believes in recognition for a job well done.  

An Open and Inclusive Culture

We respect different opinions and strive to keep embracing new things while staying on top of the latest trends with innovative thinking.  We aim at building a diverse workforce and value, appreciate, and welcome employees of all backgrounds and with diverse characteristics. 


We take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously, and we integrate sustainability targets into our practices.  Along with our pursuit of sustainable business growth, we promote the long-term development of the communities in which we operate and create shared value that contributes to the wellbeing of our society.  Established in Hong Kong, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team has set up 12 teams across 11 projects in nine cities in mainland China, providing opportunities for our staff to give back to society and engage in meaningful volunteer work for the good of people in need.  

Learning and Development

Hang Lung prioritizes employee development, facilitates the achievement of career aspirations, and builds futures for all, in an organization that is agile, future-ready, and prepared to face the rapidly changing business environment together.  As our most valuable asset, our employees have access to a fully integrated, holistic training program to motivate a culture of continuous learning and growth that leads to increased job satisfaction, as well as opportunities to deepen connections with colleagues from different departments through mutual enrichment and experience sharing.   

Staff Wellbeing

Hang Lung promotes work-life balance and a culture of care for staff wellbeing.  Through policies such as flexi work arrangements, an employee wellness program, holiday bungalow etc., we aim to enhance job satisfaction by striking a balance with holistic health and wellbeing.     

High Performance Culture

Hang Lung brings colleagues together from all walks of life and professional backgrounds to create a community that is vibrant in its passion for work, play, and service.  We believe connecting through heartfelt engagement provides an environment that is respectful and fosters strong commitment to excellence in all areas. 


We consistently recognize employee performance and contributions with the principle of meritocracy that guides our human capital policies, including monetary and non-monetary rewards for excellence.  

We look at our achievements within our culture of excellence as only the beginning, and constantly challenge ourselves not to be satisfied with the best, but to always seek to better ourselves.